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4 reasons why you must complete an obstacle course

Obstacle racing has been gaining popularity as a sport lately and has certainly added a certain edge to the world of ultra and running competitions. This could be attributed to the "back to the roots" nature of steeplechase, which gives office people a chance to "be a Marine" for a day to experience what would be considered insane or, at the very least,  unconventional in their daily routine. There are thousands of races around the world, happening almost every weekend. Some probably very close to you. But why should anyone consider signing up for such a crazy adventure? How can you benefit and improve your lifestyle? The fact of the matter is that obstacle courses involve the kinds of challenges...

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5 benefits of running regularly

If you want to know about the benefits of running, surely it is because you are not running yet and you are thinking about it. Well, in general you will mainly find advantages to running, especially if you do it regularly and in a moderate way. An effective running time is 30-45 minutes 4 or 5 times a week at a slow pace, which is really the best way to start for beginners and the one that causes fewer injuries in the long term. Let's review the main benefits: Reduces body fat and increases muscle If you have a pretty sedentary lifestyle and start running, you will probably lose some body fat and get more toned. As a result, your...

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