Crossfit training: how to do it right

Crossfit is the sport of the moment among young people. Demanding, entertaining, it became a good option for those who are bored in the gym. We know more and more people who join Crossfit training. It is a system of strength development and conditioning based on varied functional exercises performed at high intensity. Its focus is to develop and expand physical abilities.

1) The competition is against yourself: 

That means, you have to challenge your own limits. The point is the development of the body, to improve every day. The most important thing is to move well, follow the instructions of those who know the most, and thus improve little by little. Don’t focus on others, stay centered on yourself and celebrate every little achievement.

2) Don't play hero. 

To do CrossFit, you must know your body and its limits. The challenge is to improve yourself and, with the running of the classes, improve physically. Don’t go over the top. If you have reached your limit, slow down.

3) Take care with meals. 

Nutrition is the most basic thing in people's lives. It is useless to constantly do CrossFit classes if you do not take care of food afterwards. Keep in mind that what matters is not the quantity of food but the quality. Nutrition is key.

4) Don't be afraid to ask. 

A poorly done CrossFit class can be detrimental to your health and your body. Before each exercise if we are not sure how an exercise is done properly, it is very important to ask the coach and thus avoid pain and injury. Better be safe than sorry.

5) Crossfit is not everything. 

Starting this sport does not mean that you cannot do any other exercise. The essence of this activity is being able to feel good about ourselves. It is used to tone the body, but that does not mean that other activities such as running, walking or playing sports must be stopped. 

6) It always hurts. 

Many people have started and left fast because of the pain it produces in the muscles. Keep in mind that there are areas of the body that were not used to the effort. The body does get used to it sooner than later, and then you can enjoy the classes. Be patient.

7) Not every day is good. 

Just going to CrossFit for months won't keep your body from feeling exhaustion or pain forever. Since the effort is progressive and increasing, your body's reaction will have to do with the routine you do. Do not be discouraged. It is important to rest and return the next time with desire and the decision to train properly. Again, use what you need to support your joints.

8) You have to have fun. 

If it is extra weight in your life, you will not be able to maintain it. Take it as a place to "unplug" yourself from the outside world and thus be able to enjoy the class and the training group. Laugh at yourself, enjoy it.

9) Avoid injury.

If you go to the limit every day, every week, every month, at some point the injuries will appear. That is why the ideal is to go 3 or 4 times a week and, the rest of the days, jog, ride a bike or simply rest to recover the muscles before facing a new class.