5 benefits of running regularly

If you want to know about the benefits of running, surely it is because you are not running yet and you are thinking about it. Well, in general you will mainly find advantages to running, especially if you do it regularly and in a moderate way. An effective running time is 30-45 minutes 4 or 5 times a week at a slow pace, which is really the best way to start for beginners and the one that causes fewer injuries in the long term.

Let's review the main benefits:

Reduces body fat and increases muscle

If you have a pretty sedentary lifestyle and start running, you will probably lose some body fat and get more toned. As a result, your muscles will probably be more visible, you will look better and feel better. Going out only 2 or 3 times a week will also show great results if your eating habits remain the same. If you increase your food intake (because believe me, running will make you hungry) most likely you will not notice much change in your body. If your start running you will also notice your bones have a greater ability to repair and your joints become more flexible, making your overall health improve by leaps and bounds. 

Prevents heart disease

The heart of a person who runs becomes much "stronger" than that of a person who does not exercise. Just like any other muscle in the body, the walls of the heart become thicker, and the ventricles grow in size, so more blood is pumped with each beat, and the resting pulse drops.  Since the heart is the engine of our body, strengthening it makes it work less every minute of our lives, so running weekly reduces the risk of cardiovascular death by 58% compared to those who don’t run at all, according to a 2014 study from the Journal of American College Cardiology.  

Helps you to be at peace with yourself

Running helps you put your mind in order. This sounds crazy if you still don’t run and instead imagine yourself sweating like a maniac, but when you get into the habit, you will understand. Training slowly, hovering around 150 beats, and listening to calm music (or not) a state of peace is reached that is difficult to explain. In addition, the brain generates endorphins, which cause a feeling of well-being after training, improving mood and self-esteem.

The body as a whole becomes stronger

It improves not only your muscles, the heart, and the mind, but all aspects: the immune system becomes stronger, the respiratory system become more efficient, the kidneys work better, there is no negative aspect to running.

It is an affordable sport

To go running in its most basic form, you only need a pair of sneakers, socks, shorts, a T-shirt and depending on the time of year, maybe a jacket or windbreaker. Nothing else. From there, running can be more or less expensive, but the basic equipment to go running does not cost more than $100 and lasts quite a bit. So compared to a gym membership or other sports’ training, it is very economical.

The best thing you can do is go out on the street right away and start, little by little, and in 10 sessions, you will already be noticing the results.